Monday, 12 August 2013

Boring Nights, Tense Days


Just me in a screen
In a quiet home
Of poem about nights and days
I write in this poem

An endless routine
Of meaningless proportions
No flow to break
No tasks for abortions

This is my time
This is my phase
 This is me
In nights and days.

The nights, I face boredom
In this suburban cage
The days, I face tension
An endless phase

The nights, I dream
To go out to the city
The days, it's a daymare
Improbable to do, 's a pity

The nights, I'm as lightning
Instincts for a dance
The days, I feel tired
In a zombie trance

At nights I feel restless
And I don't know why?
The days I urge the need to
But I work on by

The nights, my mind is empty
So much to waste
The days, relaxed and rushed
No time to haste...

Some nights I wander
To the empty bulblit streets
Everyday I just want to
Snuggle in my bedsheets

And I just feel so bored
In a nightly way
And I can feel the rush
In every single day

And that was it
Nothing more
Not a little bit
To explore

About the things
I do on ways
In this poem
Of my nights and days.

Boring Nights, Tense Days


Hey guys, alexyorim here.
 I just wanna say, "Hi.  This is a dry run."

Thank you for your time.


It's my first post.  I may not update often, but at least this is one so far.
Expect for more, all in good time.