Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Orctober Halloween - The Orcxecutioner

O Hai!

I know it's way too late for Orctober and Halloween,  I'm gonna post something suggestive anyway.
Really suggestive.

As in pr0n. Gay pr0n.

WARNING THOUGH: the following will be snuff.  read at your own risk.
Ready? Here it goes...

The Orcxecutioner

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He waits, he calls, calling your name.
"Thy judgement hath come", his voice of bane,
As you march you cannot heed,
Condemned or no, you will bleed
Your fate goes as where it would lead.

As you see him, your eyes strike awe and fear
An orc in the hood, you see it by tusk and ear
His axe wields ready, his stance is stern.
And down below, his wears nothing, your body churns
Will I be beheaded? Will I be raped? Your mind turns.

His hood intimidates you, and his body otherwise
Such to say, it barely will suffice.
His axe senses your fear and your blood
His other "axe", your lust drowned in the flood
Of fear and death, by the scourge of the gods.

"Art thou ready, prisoner?" he inquired.
Your mouth refuses to speak to the man so feared and admired.
In your final moment you set you head on the block
But as you declare your ultimatum, the orc silences it with his cock.
And utters in one harsh command, "Suck."

You blink in fear as you suck his orchood
And choke as he forces you in it as a battering ram would.
His pleasure builds, and as so unfortunate,
Yours as well, it won't be long for yours to fornicate.
There's a hateful lust too uncontrollable to vindicate.

And as he finishes, he turns to the other side
There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Enchained to the block, sealed by fate
You notice something touching our behind... wait...
You can tell he wants you to masturbate.

He strokes your genitals, you take a shock
He caresses your bum, you flinch like a rock
He smacks it mercilessly, you react violently
He rims your asshole, your legs shake significantly
He fingers it, you scream magnificently.

"I shall impale thee," he boldly declares
With an orchood well-endowed no one dares
To resist his desires, not even without consent.
And a bold statement, "Here it goes", it meant
A new wave of torture, around the bent.

The hooded orc slowly opens you
That endowment of his impales you
Thrust and every thrust, he never stops
He will not stop, even if your head pops,
Even if your organ drips down to the last drop.

The screams of agony escapes your weary lungs
Swearwords and grunts fill your ears, all high-strung
The sounds of skin to slapping skin, echoes the dark chamber
The scent of blood and sweat and sex scatter like a fiery ember
A night you will assure to remember.

His pace hastens, his thrusts go wild
His screams get louder, his sweat... pretty mild,
You scream back, both in pleasure and in pain
You regret this, you want it in vain.
This feeling feels so insane.

He now draws close, you feel it too
His cock aroused you, after it had been through
And as you feel your own climax,
The hooded orc grabs his heavy axe
And take two fatal whacks.

The orc withdraws, no seed in his cock
Blood and come spills around the block.
And he turns around and grabs your severed head,
"Alas, poor bitch," he said, "I am not done yet."
And thrusts his orchood in your dead mouth, still warm and wet.

He grabs your head, bloody and cold,
Silenced by the axe, an act so bold
And as he draws near, you cannot deny the fact
That even in death, you cannot resist his act
As your conqueror, the seal has been pact.

He screams as seed drips to your chopped throat
Your neck bleeds, and your eyes gloat
Spasm by spasm, the orc shares his final pleasure
To his newly executed treasure
An orgasm that can fissure.

With that done, your body gets dragged to go
On the way to a grave where the people will not know
"Next!", said the hooded mystery, his stance still stern,
A pity, you could only learn,
An answer to, "Who is he?"

He is the Orcxecutioner.

So, have you survived?  Good.
There's more for me to tell.

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