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Orctober Halloween - Orkenstein's Monster

This next post will either be scary, erotic or be downright cheesy due to my style of writing.  Also narrative ear rape.  LOTS AND LOTS OF NARRATIVEEAR RAPE!

So beware.

It was in this overly used narrative setting, where a daring medical student named Viktor Orkenstein created a creature made from a legion of corpses. After years and pointless years of studying the concept of reanimation, and countless attempts to get his baccalaureate degree, his efforts would be complete. And through the wonders of dead donors, lightning, more science (and possibly magic), transformed and brought life to this once lifeless being.
"It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!" Viktor's declaration echoes through the walls of the castle. And as the creature walks, he rages to the sky as lightning sympathises his newfound agony, and thrashes of Viktor's lab, setting the place on fire. With all that work, effort, and proof, wasted, Viktor could only say, "STOP!!!" shouted Viktor, upon seeing the monster sacking his work "YOU'RE RUINING ALL MY WORK, YOU'RE RUINING EVERYTHING." And, by surprise, unlike the books he read, the monster was never feared the blaze that he started. And instead of that "broken speech" thing, what the monster said was, "Whew, it's getting hot in here. Gotta take these shit off now," and slowly strips down his clothes, burning it on the blaze.

"IT'S FUCKING ALIVE!" is what Viktor thought. Even in his thoughts, he yells. Half-traumatized by the sacking, and half-deluded by the monster's beefy body. ”NO, I’M NOT GAY.” He shouted on his thoughts, thinking over it repeatedly as he also panics at his lab being destroyed by his very creation. He never put in his notes the body parts of a bodybuilder, wrestler and strongman combined, and he never thought of putting a whale of an uncut penis even to the final stage. That was not part of the plan. Someone must have messed with his creation. Who in the?... "Yghur!" That bastard.

"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" raged Victor "YOUR MASTER COMMANDS IT!!! I-", and his desperate yells were silenced by the monster's fist.
"Shut it, bitch!" the monster fits his rage on the fallen surgeon wannabe. And before Viktor can do anything, he was caught off-guard when the monster ripped off his clothes, all to the last article, and burned it where he burned his. And Viktor was naked as he was, with a chubby figure, brawny limbs, and a well-endowed orchood to boot, but his cannot be compared with the monster’s. Viktor’s, a cock, the monster, a giant python.

"WHAT TH-", and Viktor was silenced again, this time, by the monster's foot.

"I SAID FUCKING SHUT IT, BITCH!" the monster was now fucking annoyed with Viktor's ridiculously loud mouth, "I'm fucking sick of you barking like a dog all night. I can fucking hear you even before you stuck me with fatherfucking lightning on this fatherfucking bullshit of a place. And you know what's worse than this shit, it's gonna be your ass that's gonna be hit by my lightning. But you know what I’m gonna do with you first? It’s to you stop barking like a dog, and start screaming like a bitch." His voice was like thunder, and his glowing eyes stare at him threateningly as he crushes his foot deeper on his creator.

Viktor's anger turns to fear on that, and his screams turn into muffles, gagged by the creature's foot.

"You like it bitch, huh?" The monster asked with a voice of domination. "Yeah, lick it."

Viktor was startled by that, he hesitated, he looked at him, ”IS HE SERIOUS?”

"I SAID LICK IT, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" The monster presses further, and Victor unwillingly puts his tongue of the monster's sweaty foot.

"Yeah, taste it. Mmm, yeah, that's more like it."

Viktor was afraid now. His own creation turns against him, and is now licking his foot as humiliation. Is this the end for him? Will he be killed by his own creation? Will his other foot stop pressing his crotch? Wait, WHAT?!

"Mmmm, pretty big for a big boy, huh? I bet pussies and asses beg for this, don't you?" The monster sneered at Viktor's pucker. He's right though, his manhood does make pussies and asses beg.

"DAMN, THIS MONSTER'S TURNING ME ON, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY" Viktor's loud mind hated the fact that he likes it as he continues to lick the creature's foot, and hated the fact that his hard-on respond's to the foot of his monster.

"I say you must've screwed pussies with it, yeah?" Unfortunately, only one pussy. Viktor had been reclusive, focusing
more on his twisted studies on carnal reanimation over girls. Yet he did do it, some years before, got a girlfriend, albeit for a short time, had a great summer, broke up, and then returned to his studies. What was his successful attempt was now stomped by his own work. "They must’ve screamed your name and bred them while they had the chance. Screw those pussies. I think I'm going to change that," continued the monster as he smirks with a sinister smirk.

And before Viktor can even think about "change that," the monster lifted his feet and grabbed his face with his hand. That monster's hand can really fit a whole face. And when he lets go of his hand, Viktor sets his signal and runs so close for his dear life. And emphasis for the "so close". The monster grabbed his thigh and gripped his arm.

"Where the FUCK do you think YOU'RE going?" Slobber drooled on Viktor's face as the monster bellowed with a raging sound on his face, a bellow like booming thunder on a hot dusty summer night. "You dare running away from me? You think that this is just child’s play for you?! You think science is a game to you?! WELL, I SAY HELL FATHERFUCKING NO, BITCH!!! This night ain't over yet!! I’m gonna teach you something scientific that you’ll never forget. It’s gonna be real this time, slave. That’s right, I'M YOUR MASTER NOW AND YOU'VE BEEN A VERY BAD SLAVE AND YOU'RE GONNA BE PUNISHED FOR THE HELL OF IT!!!" And the monster smacked his hand on the jelly hams of his now-fallen creator. Viktor screamed at the top of his lungs like he never screamed before.

The now-burnt hall was surrounded by the echoing sounds of smacking and screeches. It was accompanied by "Say it, slave" and “Scream for me”, replied by a ”YES MASTER!” and an ”I’M YOU’RE BITCH, MASTER!”, followed by more slapping and grunting and teary moaning. If Viktor's screams and moans were like cannons, then his monster of a master has a voice that booms thunder echoing the battlefield. And the creator’s screams were melted by his creation's butt-spanks. His methods were electrifying.

“Say it bitch” Comes a whack.

“Say it!” And another hard whack.

“I SAID, SAY IT!” an angry whack.


He takes another whack as he repeats his growls that flood over Viktor until he’s satisfied.

And another whack.

And again. *WHACK*

And again...

Tears flowed Viktor's eyes and his face was as red as his ass, reddish handprints on green skin is evidenced. And it
gets pinker as the monster endlessly tortures him with his hand. Viktor’s screams grew softer and softer, and his
screams could no longer sustain the pain. And his screams turn into moans and grunts. Still, the slaps go on.

“Ohoho what’s this?” The monster suddenly stopped spanking, and Viktor, weak from the torture from his back-cheeks, felt something hard on his hard-on. It had been harder than before, and yet he didn’t notice it until he feels the monster’s brutal, yet caressing hand. It just took him one hand to cover Viktor’s large hard-on like the way it covered his face.

“Big boy’s getting excited, ain’t he?” The monster smirked as he continued stroking Viktor’s cock. Viktor looked down to see the action, and he was right. The creature’s large cock is wrapped by the large hand of the monster. Stroking it better than he does, he admits. And it feels better than his girlfriend’s tight cunt. Precum drips from its opening, and loud moans escape from his lips. He hates it, and he loves it at the same time.

“Mmm, you love it?” The monster’s voice was gruff, and slowly being passionate. The he grunted, “Let’s see just how far it shoots.”

His stroking went faster, rougher, more careless. Viktor’s cock was getting harder, hotter, wetter. More precum flowed, spewing on the ground and on his master’s hand, lubricating it, stroking it faster and faster. Viktor couldn’t help but moan and grunt and wail from the uncomfortable bliss. The monster’s other hand lets go of one of his wrists and strokes his much majestic orchood. It’s bigger than Viktor’s, he can see it below. He just couldn’t wonder if that monster cock could fit his virgin hole. He moaned in fear masked by deluded pleasure.

Then, the monster stopped stroking his own cock, and Viktor jolted a little as the monster fondled his large hand on Viktor’s balls. Then pressing it, Viktor flinched. And gripping it, Viktor cried out in pain, and all the building pleasure dissolved.

“Awww,” the monster complained sarcastically by the noise “and I was just getting satisfied.” He further squeezes Viktor’s balls, and Viktor responded with a louder scream.

“Say you want it.” The creature growls with sexual force. “SAY IT.”

Viktor tries to spit it out, but the pain prevents it from it. So the monster grapples his cock and balls tighter.

“Say it!” the creature growled again.

“SAY IT!” gripping it more.

”I WANT IT” Viktor screamed with his teeth clenched.
“SAY IT BITCH”, gripping it further.

”I WANT IT, MASTER!” now screaming again at the top of his lungs and breathing heavily.
“I CAN’T HEAR YOU” still gripping it to the point where his organs would burst.

”IIIIIIII WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!”, Viktor screams louder than ever than the last one, precum dripping like a spout now, and his cock and balls redden, engorged with blood, feeling the intense pain. This was overboard, but he like it now.
“Good.” The monster took a note of satisfaction. “Now let’s get down to business.” He let loose of Viktor’s organs, and left it to one hand, stroking both his cock and balls with skill. His four fingers fondling his balls and shaft, while his thumb on his uncut bulb. His other hand left to explore his bottom. The pain quickly grew back into pleasure as Viktor rubbed his shithole with his thick wet finger. His fingers were nearly thick as Viktor’s cock, and slowly and roughly and gently, one by one, the monster shoved finger by wet finger, until his whole fist pushed inside his shithole.

One will wonder why Viktor got pain from cock-and-ball torture, but found ecstasy from fingering and fisting. Maybe he fingered his ass while he masturbated, discovering his sexuality, FOR SCIENCE! Maybe he hid a dildo on his bed and shoved it in while hiding his confused sexuality, FOR SCIENCE!! Or maybe he was raped by a bigger man with a cock as big as the monster’s, while keeping it secret to his girlfriend as he is adjusting with his sexuality, FOR SCIENCE!!!

One will never know... Anyways...

Viktor was getting close. That fondling and milking made him moan even more, grunting like a pig, and panting like a bitch in heat. It’s true. He’s a bitch. He never had this newfound bliss since he had with his girlfriend. That, and/or aforementioned with the rumours above... (FOR SCIENCE) ”THAT MONSTER’S SO GOOD...” he thought, ”I NEVER HAD THIS MUCH BLISS SINCE MY BROKE UP WITH ME... THAT, OR WHEN I JACK OFF... OH FUCK, I’M GRUNTING LIKE A PIG AND PANTING LIKE A BITCH. YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT... I’M A BITCH MASTER! I’M YOUR BITCH!!!”

That’s... just what exactly the author just mentioned...

”OH FUCK, HE’S SO GOOD”[b] he moaned in thought. The monster milking him was just this good. He’s getting close, he can feel it. His loins wet with sweat and precum. His ass fisted and parted open. He’s getting close, he’s going to cum. [b]”OH SHIT, I’M GONNA CUM!!!” he grunted loudly in his mind. So loud, it escaped in his mouth as waves of that hot white liquid spurted out of his cock.
“That all you got?” The master monster looked at disapproval as Viktor’s orgasm reached lowly on the ground, spilling a pool of seed on the ground. “Shoot it higher.”

Which Viktor did. It shot all the way past his head, down to the floor near the counter of the lab. It spilled the charred paperwork. It spilled the broken beakers and vials. It spread on Viktor’s face. It spilled beneath him. His spasms fast as lightning. He grunted in ecstasy like it was a small paradise. He blushed red like flame, and panted heavily still like a bitch. It’s quite humiliating, but it felt good. And his master couldn’t agree more.

“Lick that cum off your face” the monster commanded. “All of it.”

”YES MASTER...” and did so.
“How does it taste?”

”DELICIOUS, MASTER” It was true.
“Good.” The monster approved with satisfaction. “But it ain’t over yet. You’re going to love my cock. Let’s see how you take it like a total bitch you are. Open that ass wide for me, will ya?”

Viktor didn’t have to ask him twice, and lustily, even at the effects of afterglow, spread his legs wider. On all fours, panting, sweating, and spread legs, now, he REALLY is a bitch... Viktor is now being dominated by his creation, and he can’t resist his charms, no matter how brutal it is, no matter how rough it gets.

Viktor can’t still get the feeling of fear about this. The mantra on his mind repeat, “FUCK, IT WON’T FIT... FUCK, IT WON’T FIT... FUCK, IT WON’T FIT...” He’s having second thoughts about this. And yet he wants this. ”I KNOW IT FITS. HE FISTED ME IN THE ASS. I KNOW IT WILL FIT.”, Viktor assured silently. He looks down, and the monster’s cock was now standing erect like a pillar.

“IT’s BIG. BIGGER THAN MINE. IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT...” Thoughts rumble your head at that. And his balls?
He’s stroking it so hard and so heavy, his precum spits out easily. He grunts and moans so loudly, as loud as Viktor
was. And the monster rubbed it above his crack, preparing himself for the inevitable. Precum spilled your crack as he rubs his orchood in an up and down rhythm. He can hear his groans escaping his lips, and he can feel his heat rising up inside.

IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT... The monster smacks his cock on his hams, teasing him, frightening him, torturing him.
IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT... Viktor could sense the fear building in him, yet the lust overcomes it, begging for more.
IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT... The monster then licks his shithole, and spits it, to make sure its eases the
entry. Viktor contradicts otherwise that his slobber is not enough.

IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT! Viktor can feel his wetness spreading, trying to push it inside. Viktor’s cock stirs again.
IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT!! The monster spits his cock, rubbing it, spreading it all over. It’s glazed coat turns him on.
IT WON’T FIT, IT WON’T FIT!!!! Viktor shouted as the monster was about to enter.
“WHY THE FUCK NOT?” The monster quickly roared at him in irritated anger.

“W-W—WE D-...“Viktor nervously tries to find the words.
“SPEAK UP. I don’t have all night!”

“I already fisted you. Isn’t that enough?”

“Aww, poor little you,” The monster coldly pitied him. “Too bad I don’t have one because you brought me here in stitches.”

Viktor awkwardly smiled and beads of sweat ran down. He needs to improvise, and fast.

“You’ve got three seconds to say something before I shove this on to you and impale this fucker to death.” The
monster had been soft to him, yet there’s still harsh hint on his words.

Viktor anxiously looked around, searching for it. And after two desperate seconds, he sighed down, looking at his pool of fresh cum. That wet cum. That hot wet cum. That slick slimy hot wet cum. That...


“CUM!” proudly presented Viktor. Cum oozing out of his raised hands.
“What?!” The monster, confused, simply asked.

The monster looked at it with stern eyes for a moment, and spread it with his fingers. Then, with a content smile,
“This IS a good lubricant,” he complimented, “It’s a wonder why you didn’t choose Sex Education.”

The monster greedily scooped the semen from the ground and poured it down to his cock and Viktor’s ass. He lathered it all, spreading it all down Viktor’s ass with one hand, and stroking his cock with the other. With that set, everything seems ready.

“You ready for this?” The monster asked his creator, pushing his cock slowly, “There’s no turning back now.”
”MY BODY IS READY, MAST-AAAAAUGGGH!” and that was just the invitation the monster needed.
“It sure... ooh... is... yeah” The “master” obliged to reply.

Slowly and surely, the monster’s eel fully entered Viktor’s tiny wet gate. The domination was complete. The monster Viktor created was now his master, and Viktor himself was the bitch. The entry brings them both a newfound pleasure. The monster with brutish grunts and Viktor with a cock fully erect. The strongly repeated exchange of “You want it, slave?” and ”YES, MASTER!!!” reverberate through the room. The rough and amorous thrusts of the dominator, the blissful receipt of the slave, the sounds of skins slapping, sweat glistening, bodies radiating, the sounds of want and demand. It was on this dark and stormy night a man and his creation found love.


Somewhere beneath the castle dungeons, where the sounds of sex echo through the halls, lay a shaggy old orc sitting on the fireplace, naked, playing his nipples, and stroking his cock.

“Mmmh, yes Yghur, you’re a genius,” the orc name Yghur muttered to himself. “Putting that cock on that thing was your best idea yet. I’m sure ‘Master’ Viktor won’t mind.” He proudly said it to himself.

“Yess, master” He invoked Viktor “pleasure yourself.” And he stokes his cock faster as the sound behind him draws

“Uurgh, you deserve it!! OH YEAH!!!”

He grunted as spilled his seed as the cries of their orgasm ringed through his pointed ears.

Exhausted, he watch the fire dying, complimenting on his work, then slowly drifting to sleep, facing another day.

Yeah, it took me hours to finish this story, but I hope you'll enjoy it worthwhile.

Image is drawn with pencil and rendered with GIMP.

Feliz Orcotobre!


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