Monday, 28 October 2013

Orc fashions pt. 2

Been busy lately, sorry for the wait.  Here's part 2 as promised!

Nothing is immune to Orcification, not even fashion.
There are no rules. There are no restrictions.
And no orcish woman is immune from the glamour and the tastes.
This is where I show you one of my passions: fashion designing.
And here are the samples of my interpretative work.
20th Century Vintage Clothing. There are 2 parts with four segments each.
Here's the 2nd part with clothing from the 1960s to the 1990s.


1960s - a time of love, peace, sex, drugs, rock and roll, imminent nuclear wars and psycho killers. Not to mention pop art. politics, Tumurthy Lurry, and rock n' rollers like the Brutles. This is also the time for that certain piece of clothing we like to call the Miniskirt. Nothing comes close to Sexual Revolution without Miniskirts. Miniskirts mainstreamed by Mary Graunt. The Sixties.

1970s - it's like the Sixties, only with more glitter and lights, and more weed. A time of disco, presidential scandals, terrorism, environmentalism, disco, spiritual discovery, cyanide flavoured juice, disco, feminism on PMS, disco, racial rights, gay rights, rock music cranked up to 11, disco, and pet rocks. Also "disco". And it can't be disco without wearing polyester bellbottoms. It goes with tight and loose, floral and punk, plain or acid-tripped translucent garbs. Such significant was bellbottoms for women introduced by Yvrash Sur'Larrent. Or, for the more rebellious, punky leather suits by Vivienn Westwargh. The Seventies.

1980s - ah, yes, nothing could be much mentioned about the 80s without ridiculously large shoulder pads and wild hair with enough hairspray to punch the ozone layer off. It's a neon-glazed wonderland of consumerism, "Greed is Good" attitude, strong political reforms, New wave, synthpop and artificial electronic music, music videos, cartoons with subliminal stuff, catfights on the pool, and all that on crack. Satire aside, did I mention shoulder pads already? Well then, the women of all ages and sizes wore them to crash the glass ceiling. And covering them with neon sweaters. Their legs with skinny jeans they bought from Galvin Klang. And at night, where the glamour comes up like a wild tiger, shiny skimpy Lycra by Valentinorc and Orcscar de la Raida. The Eighties.

1990s - politically-correct minimalism, Internet, gifs of kitties and porn ("pussies?"), rave, grit and grunge, new millennial fears. All that in the 90s. Women have now broken the glass ceiling, only without the giant shoulder pads. But they looked strong with wearing business suits for women. Out of the office, go Buffy and Vamp and all that belly buttons. All thanks to Vera Warg's chic and Orxander McKhan's antics. The Nineties.


And there you have it.
Wallpapers found from Google. All rights reserved.
Done with Photoshop.

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