Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Orkish Affection

    They had been like brothers for years now since childhood. Through thick and thin, they clung on together, and they overcame it all together. Sadly, they had to part ways when war raged the land. Where one fought as a soldier defending the border, the other travelled the countryside looking for a living, even by means of criminal acts.

    As the war ended, and the soldier returned from the fields, only to find his friend sentenced to die for crimes of theft and banditry. Yet through petitions, trials, mercy and laconic manly drama, the rogue was freed and pardoned. Never there was much grace and brotherly love from these orcs since they parted, and the rogue jumped to his brother's arms in so much gratitude and longing after all they'd been through. The scars can tell.

    The giant of an orc soldier seemed astonished at first for carrying his little brother, but shared the affection all the while. For a witness, it felt brotherly and affectionate for old friends seeing each other again. The look in their eyes felt otherwise...

Can this rise to something more?

    A drawing made some months ago, posted for Orctober. I think I'm getting more purple in my short-short stories, don't you think?
But hope you like it...

Rendered with GIMP.

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