Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Orc Fashions pt.1

As promised this Orctober, this.
It's not hunks though.  It's something completely different.

Are you ready? Here it is.

Nothing is immune to Orcification, not even fashion.
There are no rules. There are no restrictions.
And no orcish woman is immune from the glamour and the tastes.

This is where I show you one of my passions: fashion designing.
And here are the samples of my interpretative work.
20th Century Vintage Clothing. There are 2 parts with four segments each.
Here's the 1st part with clothing from the 1920s to the 1950s.


1920s - a time of loose liberation, emancipation and uncertainties, and no woman, not even Orcs, is exempted from this prosperity. Short skirts, short hair, loose bodies, loose morals, rouged lips, rouged knees, and all that jazz. In fashion, the women all go to Koko Shainerr, the prime innovator of this and that. The Twenties.

1930s - it's a rough time, but the sophisticated women are smooth. From all of this stock market crash, dust bowls, gangsters, emerging dictatorships and bad beer, women go to one special place where they could feel the escapism and unwind of a night: the theatres. And they can't go there without a little glamour on their sleeves. Glamour such as mithril-silky, siren-like, bias-cut dresses by Urg-driern and Shiabarelli, complete with silvery mink stoles and mithril jewellery that shines under the pale Deco Moon. It's a rough time, but the women stay smooth. The Thirties.

1940s - if they think the Depression was enough, they thought damn wrong. All over the Old World, war rages the land, the men must fight for victory or conquest, the children cry and pray for peace and playtime, and the women work for their men for war effort, and had to sacrifice everything they had, like stockings for parachutes. In everything, it won't stop improvising glamour, despite the closing of boutiques and shops. It's time for the Homebase to step up. Padded suits, fedoras, occasionally stockings, and most importantly, gloves are the trend. And every women turn to such one innovator, Klarr Makarrdell. And eventually, after the war, women would expect something much beautiful. The Forties.

1950s - despite the heat of the Cold War, people wanted to lay back on a good time, relieving the roughness of the last two decades, and doing this smoothly on their suburbian home. With that, the femininity came back, reminiscing things from 50 years ago, only with more cars, probable atomic-powered appliances, rebellious teenagers, and women wearing full calf-length skirt, a breathable thin waist, and short slick wavy hair. And when the evening comes, things go wild, but just as mild. Women step out of the house and dance with their man like they never danced before, wearing ball gowns inspired by Grushan Diorc. The Fifties.

And there you have it.
Done with Photoshop

Part 2 soon, stay tuned.

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